Tiny Urban Escapes


Hello there!

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I'm extremely delighted to share Tiny Urban Escapes with you!  Consider it your private space to seek lost sleep,  enjoy sinfully lazy Sundays, live life a little slower or simply unplug and de-stress.  

I personally believe a little self indulgence and an adult "time out" is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. Tiny Urban Escapes was created specifically for individuals who find balance and strength in rest and rejuvenation. 

We've partnered with ThreeSquared in create a fascinating oasis worth coming back to.

We've put together a team of innovative and mindful individuals who are dedicated to making your daily load a little lighter. We love travel, hotels and design, but we also value the preservation of our local and global environment.

I'm thrilled to invest my experience and passion into my home city of Indianapolis.

 I  look forward to hearing all about your stay!

 Robin,  & the Tiny Urban Escapes Family